Just created: EMM Energy . Monitoring . Management

2017-11-23 In order to further boost the broad acceptance of energy monitoring and management a new platform has been created: EMM Energy . Monitoring . Management (https://t.co/GifceaOAI1). You may join freely and benefit from most recent news in energy monitoring and management in particular in the sectors facility management, building technology, energy generation and distribution. Focus is dedicated towards corporate and public real estate portfolios. You may also be informed about the further development of enerMET, the independent energy management tool (http://enerMET.blogspot.ch).

BLOG enerMET: Update completed

2017-11-16 The update of the enerMET blogpage has been completed. Get most recent news about the development of the application enerMET http://enerMET-data.blogspot.ch (current version 1.3.7, release 20171031). The blogpage is optimised for desktops as well as for handhelds (iPhone). Support: 

enerMET v1.3.7beta: geolocation implemented

2017-11-14 In order to further improve the functionality of the application enerMET (current version 1.3.7beta, release 20171031, http://enerMET.ch) the j-application geoLoc has been implemented. Depending upon the approval by the user, the current position of the user is detected and its location is used as home location.
Currently, the estimation of the present residential energy demand, based upon environmental data is on the way. You may visit http://wolframscharnhorst.blogspot.ch in order to get a first impression. In case you want to support the further development, get in touch: wolfram.scharnhorst@protonmail.ch.

enerMET v1.3.7: databooks implemented, password security enhanced

2017-11-04 As a next step in the development of enerMET the handling of databooks has been implemented. Now you can create and manipulate empty or standard enerMET databooks as in any common calculation software. Please be aware that closing the databook can result in the loss of all data it contains. An appropriate failure handler has been added.
For security reasons a two way password security was implemented. Try it and visit http://enerMET.blogspot.ch.

enerMET rss feed added

The rss feed of the enerMET homepage http://enerMET.blogspot.ch has been added. You can now subscribe and stay tuned about the further development of the enerMET application.

enerMET homepage and blog redesigned

2017-10-22 ws
Following numerous weeks of intensive external work (energy management), there are a few moments to continue to revise the homepage of enerMET. The menu bar has been re-arranged slightly, the former login-button has been renamed with "enerMET" and the enerMET blog doesn't show up automatically anymore (you'll need to click the respective button).
The enerMET homepage is now directly accessible from various entry points at the homepage of the developer http://wolframscharnhorst.blogspot.ch. A next step the needs to be undertaken is the revision and surely a reengineering of the enerMET application. Various functions don't work properly at the moment.

After November Rain in August another few sunny days

2017-08-14 ws The week will start with bright sunshine, little clouds and temperatures around 24-27 C North of the Alps and close to 30 C in the southern part of Switzerland. Wind is blowing at moderate velocity, 5-10 km/h mainly from western directions. 
The following days are characterised by raising temperatures on booth sides of the Alps. At the middle of the week highest temperatures will be around 25-27 C. There will also be some rain around thursday/friday (up to approx. 10 mm).
Towards the weekend temperatures will drop again below 25 C in the North and be around 25-27 C in the south.
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